“Two cultures, six ‘killer apps,’ one divide”

This is definitely worth reading, but it seems to suggest that the only way for first nations to survive is to maintain a divide between aboriginal and settler culture.

Wouldn’t that be admitting the failure of co-existence?

“Neither software, neither set of apps, is “bad” – as long as each stays within its cultural programming. But, as we should know by now, when you apply our apps to Aboriginal communities you get a demonic parody of Western culture: suburban-like houses with no plumbing and no insulation and mould in the walls. Residential schools. Native men and women in jail far out of proportion to their numbers in Canada. Rates of infant mortality that are our national shame.”

Read the full article:

Two cultures, six ‘killer apps,’ one divide


Author: Marty Logan

I am a husband and father communicating to change the world. I write, edit and podcast, mostly about health and human rights. Canada and Nepal. https://linktr.ee/martydlogan

2 thoughts on ““Two cultures, six ‘killer apps,’ one divide””

  1. I don’t think maintaining a divide between aboriginal and a settler culture is admitting the failure of co-existence. Maintaining a respectful divide is important in any successfull union or partnership – whether it is a union of man and wife or two cultures. We have to respect each other’s differences and take the time to learn about and listen to our partners. We have to remember ours is not the only way and that our beliefs evolve not just from our ancestors but also from the education we seek throughout our lifetime. When two people or two cultures decide to work together, while respecting their differences, they both evolve. I think it becomes the “best of both worlds” then. Failure to co-exist is when one culture considers itself the “be all and end all” of everything. That’s when the listening and respect have come to a grinding stop and, usually, any hopes for evolution.


    1. I agree, Terri. But I think we’re still trying to recover from a situation where Canada’s settler culture did think it was the ‘be all and end all’, hence it created residential schools and other attempts to overwhelm first nations culture. We have to somehow rectify this situation, which manifests itself in tragedies like Attiwapiskat, before we can establish a relationship of respect.


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