10 things not so successful people do before breakfast

Inspired by 12 things successful people do before breakfast


  1. Hit their snooze button one time too many, then wake with a start and realize they’re already 20 minutes behind schedule
  2. Sit down to meditate but give up after 10 minutes when ‘clear the mind’ becomes an obsessive thought about not thinking
  3. Try to wake their spouse with a gentle shake, and instead get the cold shoulder when s/he turns over and mumbles ‘go away’
  4. Hit the streets for a 5k run, then pull up limping after a calf muscle seizes up – remembering at that point that the last time they went running they pulled the same muscle , then vowed to launch an intensive stretching regime so it wouldn’t happen again
  5. Reach into their pocket for the to-do list they diligently prepared at the breakfast table – only to pull out the grocery list
  6. Log in to their favourite website to catch up on national and global affairs – then are unable to resist clicking on a video of the sports ‘play of the day’, and another, and another…
  7. Elicit an ‘I hate you!’ scream from their child by insisting that, yes, when it’s below zero she must wear a coat
  8. Vow to give up learning Mandarin when the employee at the local corner store laughs into her hand when they attempt to say ‘good morning, how are you today?’
  9. Get a flat tire on their bike and discover that they forgot to replace the patch kit and tools in their backpack the last time they used it as carry-on luggage
  10. Realize too late that they forget to turn the ringer on their phone back on, and miss the call from their boss telling them to stay at home – it’s a ‘snow day’.


Author: Marty Logan

I am a husband and father communicating to change the world. I write, edit and podcast, mostly about health and human rights. Canada and Nepal. https://linktr.ee/martydlogan

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