Are we really ‘over’ the digital revolution? I’m not so sure

9915109-background-concept-wordcloud-illustration-of-digital-revolution-international-stock-illustrationThere’s a really interesting article in today’s Guardian, We’re over the digital revolution: This is the age of experience.

The author cites the boom in sales of vinyl records, the return of Kodak instant film cameras and sold-out steam train rides as proof that people are rejecting the inhumanity of this latest revolution. Myself, I’m not so sure.

Yes, I’ve never really made the transition from reading hard-copy books to my Kobo, but I’ve also never seriously thought about buying a turntable since the cassette came along, I’ve been banking online for nearly 20 years and I love that I can download ebooks from a Canadian library when I live in Nepal.

Just today, someone in Canada wrote suggesting that I apply for a job at a small, not well known, internet information site based in the UK that I had never heard of. No way I would have got such a tip about an obscure UK magazine in the pre-digital years – nor would I have been eligible to work on it from Asia.

Yes, maybe people are getting tired of the omnipresence of digital in their lives, but I’m not convinced that, exhausted, they’ll all be pulling the plug soon. What do you think?


Author: Marty Logan

I am a husband and father communicating to change the world. I write, edit and podcast, mostly about health and human rights. Canada and Nepal.

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