My communications work

In 2007 I switched to the ‘other side’, leaving journalism to work in communications about development and human rights.

Since then I’ve worked for the United Nations human rights office in Nepal (now closed), along with the UNICEF regional office and country office in Nepal. I’ve worked for Framework Convention Alliance, a global network of NGOs dedicated to international tobacco control. I continue to work, part-time, for another global public health NGO, HealthBridge Foundation.

During this period I’ve enhanced my skills in some areas and learned new ones. Read more below. For further info or to discuss possible collaboration, contact me at this email address.

Social media

FCA’s Twitter and Facebook channels: co-created and managed daily by me until December 2016.

Content creation

I am responsible for all of the content on the HealthBridge website. Some of it I’ve drafted myself; some is drafted by others and edited by me, and some is from other sources and curated by me.

Feature writing


Post-conflict, development and human rights – my reporting for IPS News.

Video production

I filmed, edited and posted online this series of interviews, among others, while working at Framework Convention Alliance. I worked with video professionals to create others.


All of the photos on this site were taken by me, unless credited to others. Many of my Nepal pictures are on this page.


I’ve had a long-term agreement (LTA) as a Development Writer / Editor with the UNDP’s Bureau of Development Policy since 2014. Recent publications that I’ve copy-edited include this monograph for UNDP Singapore and this study on voting from abroad in Latin America.

Website management

I oversaw the redesign of the HealthBridge website, which I manage on a daily basis, using a content management system called Expression Engine. I’ve also worked extensively with the Joomla CMS.

Media relations

Communications Strategy

From 2010 to 2016 I created the communications strategy for Framework Convention Alliance, a global umbrella group of NGOs dedicated to international tobacco control. During that time the strategy evolved to stress:

  • More effective communication with its global membership. After ‘unplugging’ an intranet that was not being used by members, we created an electronic newsletter; started a monthly calendar of events that also recognised the accomplishments of members and began encouraging their submissions for publication on the FCA website.
  • An online presence. Working with a capped budget, I drafted a social media strategy and started Twitter, Facebook and Youtube channels. We also accomplished a ‘facelift’ of the FCA website.
  • Collaboration. Recognising that our resources were limited, we reached out for — and offered in turn — communications support from our members and partners in civil society and international organisations, including the World Health Organization.