It is a cliché that telling a story is the best way to engage potential readers in the message that you’re trying to convey. Check out this Google search for “the power of stories” and you’ll see what I mean.

Still, I’ve long believed that it works, and I use the technique often, as you’ll see in the following examples:

Game of kings and queens gets Native touch
Marty Logan, Windspeaker Contributor,

What would your chess set look like?

If someone asked you to design and create the checked board and its 32 pieces, what materials would you choose? What story might you tell?

Many Quebec Native artists assigned the task to create a chess set by Montreal’s First People’s Festival chose to remember.
Full article

Agro-biodiversity in Nepal: Wise insurance
Marty Logan

Teasing voices call to her from beyond camera range, but with one hand on her hip and another on a head-high rice plant, Saraswati Adhikari strikes a confident pose for a photographer.

She has reason to be proud: 16 times the Nepali farmer and her husband Surya Nath have successfully improved local varieties of rice by cross-breeding, in the process helping to conserve agricultural biodiversity…
Full article

Canadian Native “Lost Souls” Return Home For Burial
by Marty Logan

(IPS) NEW YORK — Haida drums pounded softly, like distant thunder, as a group of red and black-cloaked Natives from the rain-drenched islands of Canada’s Pacific coast sang and danced to prepare the remains of 46 ancestors for the trip home from a museum here.

The bones have been stored in the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) since a museums collector looted graves in villages on Haida Gwaii (officially called the Queen Charlotte Islands) at the beginning of the last century…
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