Nepal, India and other countries fight — and succeed — to have sacred objects returned

Nepal and India are just two of many countries fighting successfully to recover sacred objects stolen from temples and displayed in museums and galleries worldwide.

God Laxmi-Narayan is returned to a temple in Patan, Kathmandu Valley, 4 Dec. 2021, PHOTO: Amit Machamasi/Nepali Times

I have lived in Nepal for more than a decade but it’s only in the last couple of years that I noticed the movement to have cultural objects that were looted over the years returned from museums, galleries and other collections around the world.

It reminded me of the North American campaign by Indigenous peoples to have their ancestors’ remains repatriated from the world’s museums. The Haida people living on the Pacific coast of Canada have been particularly active, and successful.

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Nepal cannot legally block citizens’ return, experts say

Nepalis wait after being blocked at the border in Darchula district, in the far west, on 31 March © Nepali Times

My latest article for Nepali Times, published today, 31 March, focused on the Government of Nepal’s policy of not letting citizens into the country since a lockdown began one week ago. Hundreds of people, most of them day labourers who were left without work after a similar lockdown in neighbouring India, are being blocked from entry at the India-Nepal border.

Nepal and India stop citizens from returning

Nepali workers in India headed home on foot and by bus only to find their own country was not allowing them in.

With thousands of Nepalis stuck on the Indian side of the border, legal and human rights experts say the government of Nepal cannot legally deny entry to its citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue reading “Nepal cannot legally block citizens’ return, experts say”

COVID-19: News, mainly from Nepal, 27 March

Migrant workers in India, carrying bundles and containers in their hands and on their heads, leave the capital Delhi for their villages, on foot.
Migrant workers in India leave the capital Delhi for their villages, on foot. © Tribhuvan Tiwari/ Outlook India

India — Hit By Coronavirus Lockdown, 90-Year-old Kajodi Trudges Home, 400 Km Away

Thousands of migrant workers are leaving cities after the central government announced a three-week nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. — Outlook India

Nepal Supreme Court refuses to order government to repatriate migrant workers

The Supreme Court refused to issue interim order sought by advocates Madhav Kumar Basnet and Mina Khadka Basent to allow Nepali citizens stranded in foreign countries, including India, to return home. — The Himalayan Times

No exceptions with COVID-19: “Everyone has the right to life-saving interventions” – UN experts say

GENEVA (26 March 2020) – The COVID-19 crisis cannot be solved with public health and emergency measures only; all other human rights must be addressed too, UN human rights experts* said today. — UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights


World’s largest residential school plays a positive role – researcher

Morning assembly at KISS. Photo (c) Pulitzer Center.

I’m amazed to learn that 22,500 students attend a single residential school for indigenous children, in eastern India.

Anthropologist Christine Finnan spent six months at the Kalinga Institute for Social Sciences and as you’ll read, she was extremely conscious of the history of residential schools in places like Canada and the US when she started her research.  Continue reading “World’s largest residential school plays a positive role – researcher”

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