No burning cruisers, but more arrests over shale gas in New Brunswick

You wouldn’t know it from reading Canada’s ‘national media’, but the confrontation over shale gas exploration in New Brunswick is continuing, watched over by a hefty police presence. A clash between police and aboriginal protesters opposed to the exploration made the news in October when the demonstrators set police cruisers alight.

Pictures of anything burning are great for media ratings.

But this issue deserves more than fleeting attention. Five people were arrested at the site Friday for trying to stop the work, by Houston-based SWN Resources Canada. SWN obtained an injunction against the demonstrators on Nov. 22 and is seeking an extension next Monday, according to APTN news.

Earlier in the week a local journalist was arrested, for the third time, while covering the protests.

Journalist Miles Howe arrested for covering anti-fracking protests
Journalist Miles Howe of Halifax Media Co-op was arrested covering the protests, for the 3rd time, on Nov. 26. (c) Allan Marsh, Acadie Nouvelle

What’s happening at Elsipogtog deserves more attention from the mainstream media not only because of these arrests but because shale gas exploitation is increasing in North America, but remains controversial. Continue reading “No burning cruisers, but more arrests over shale gas in New Brunswick”

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